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Can a Water-Damaged Mattress Be Saved?

Has your home been affected by any water damage like flooding or any pipe leakage? Usually, we think that water damages only carpets and furniture; however, that’s not always the case. When a water-related crisis has hit you, it doesn’t skip anything – even the mattress! Just like other household items, your bed can be damaged by dirty and contaminated water. Dealing with water mitigation by yourself can be challenging.

Before you take on any restoration or repair process, assess the damage your mattress or other furniture has seen. Determine if it’s worth the time, effort, and cost to fix the issue and if you will need any professional help. If your mattress is of low quality to begin with, then it might be better to procure a brand new mattress rather than saving the old, damaged one. On the other hand, if you have spent a fortune on it, then it may be worth it to restore and recover it from the damage.

And similar to rugs and carpets, mattresses can be home to allergens and mold – especially when it gets wet due to water damage. A damaged mattress must be immediately repaired! And in this case, employing professional services so they can do the restoration effectively.

In today’s post, we’ll share helpful tips on ways you can help with water mitigation for your damaged mattress.


Do Something at the First Signs of Damage

When you see the first signs of water damage on your mattress, you have to do something about it right away! Once the mold grows and gets absorbed in it, it would be harder to take the mold off, and you would never be able to restore the mattress. Make sure that you call professional help or let the mattress dry entirely during the first 48 hours.

Don’t Leave It Wet

Speaking of drying thoroughly, the primary thing you should do to keep up with the water mitigation process is to set the mattress under direct contact with sunlight. To help dry out the mattress, you can also utilize fans and blow dryers. However, it’s essential not to hasten to dry the mattress out completely. Otherwise, it will leave residue traces within the mattress fiber. These residues may become a habitat for mold to grow.

Take Out and Use Your Vacuum

Unzip the mattress to check if the inside is damp.

Once the mattress is entirely dry, take out your vacuum and use it. Start vacuuming the mattress using a nozzle vacuum cleaner. While even a high-power vacuum won’t be able to take out every bit of dirt or debris from the mattress, it will still help clean it. Not a lot of mattresses can be unzipped to get to the materials of it inside. However, if yours can be unzipped, open it up and check the inside for dampness. After vacuuming the entire surface of the mattress, take a cloth and dampen it in an alcohol solution, then thoroughly wipe the whole mattress.

Don’t Forget About the Box Springs

The box springs inside your mattress can also get affected by water. When this happens, you need to be extra careful cleaning them. Box springs are usually made of wood materials and components; wood, when it gets in contact with water, is bad news. Wood takes a long time dry out completely. And if you don’t plan on checking the box springs and making sure they are dry, then your efforts of drying out the mattress will have been futile. Remember that when dealing with mattresses damaged by water, the critical thing to keep in mind is to make sure that all of its parts are thoroughly dry.

Call on the Professionals

Although the tips we have shared above can help you deal with a water-damaged mattress, it’s always recommended to acquire from a restoration company. You may not have the proper tools and equipment to take care of the water or flood damage. Thus, it’s still best to call on water mitigation professionals. They have the expertise and equipment needed to deal with damage caused by water after a flood, storm, leak, or burst pipe. They have the experience that we as homeowners don’t have. They know the effective repair methods that can bring your cherished mattress back to its glory.