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How to Promote Your Plumbing Business Online

A plumbing business gets extremely busy – from running daily operations to going on location and servicing different customers. In today’s post, we’ll share some helpful tips to promote your plumbing business online.

Plumbing business owners don’t always have time to utilize the internet when promoting their name. Thus, hiring the services of a professional online marketing company is usually the best course of action. However, it’s always good to have a basic understanding of the digital marketing landscape as you delve into it.

Referral Marketing Can Help Your Plumbing Business

This approach can leverage your current customers to get new ones. Here are some best practices on plumbing customer referral marketing programs.

Always Provide Remarkable Customer Service

Your customers will refer (or not) your business based on how they were treated as a customer, the service they received, and how their issues were handled. A positive experience will encourage your customers to recommend your business to their friends and family.

Some essential parts of exceptional customer service include promptness, punctuality, going above and beyond what customers expect you to, making sure you have clear and transparent communication, and cleaning up and organizing the site after the job.

Unlock the Power of Social Media to Boost Your Plumbing Business

Mostly everyone nowadays is on social media. It’s no wonder many businesses utilize it for their referral marketing programs. Use social media to ask your current customers for referrals.

Social media sites are not just online places that people aimlessly browse or keep up with friends and family. Proper social media marketing may take time and effort, but the rewards are worth it.

In fact, up to 75 percent of consumers expect businesses to have an excellent social media presence. It elevates their trust in a brand that knows how to present themselves on social media platforms.

Your plumbing business can greatly benefit from utilizing social media to promote your name.

You can work with a social media marketing company to put out Facebook or Instagram ads for you. You’d want to focus on those two sites since they are the more popular ones today.

It’s not enough to simply post social media updates on your business profile page.

There are strategies and techniques in place for you to properly leverage these platforms and get customers.

Encourage Reviews

Most customers don’t go out of their way to post a review online – unless they get an extremely negative or positive experience. It’s the regular, satisfied customers that you want to encourage to share their experience online.

Here are some ways you can ask customers to review you.

  • Ask politely and professionally.
  • Remind them on review sites (Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google) or social media.
  • Ask them to post a review on Google Maps. This will help your online search engine rankings.

Involvement in the Community

Participating in local community events is a fantastic way to get your brand out there. Not everyone is going to be looking for a plumbing business every day. However, by getting your company involved in regular community events, you’re making sure that the local public will remember your name.

Email Marketing

This type of marketing is still one of the most highly effective ways to promote your products and services consistently.

Since the recipients of your email newsletters have initially opted in to receive emails from your business, it shows that they have an interest in you.

Sending out consistent email newsletters is one of the most cost-effective ways to make sure your brand is in the minds of your clientele. However, there’s a balance. You wouldn’t want to send too many that they choose to unsubscribe from the email list.

Video Marketing

This type of marketing is one of the emerging trends in promoting a plumbing business – or any kind of business for that matter – and this marketing strategy is here to stay.

Video marketing is a trend that can help your plumbing business get more customers.

An average internet user spends about 10-15 hours every week watching online video content. Spending on video content for your plumbing business would be a wise investment.

Youtube is the prime source for publishing videos. Several factors will affect the cost of video marketing, but it shouldn’t be as expensive compared to putting up a billboard in your town.

Consult with a trusted online marketing company to know how much advertising dollars should go into your video marketing ventures.