Have a Skillfully Constructed Household

While laying shingles is not the easiest of tasks it is not beyond the realms of anyone’s capability. It is certainly far easier than it looks. Be sure that you don’t over complicate things. To start off with you should correctly line up the first row shingles which will act as your starter row. You should always make sure that when you are installing the shingles that the seams are all staggered which prevents water running straight through. You will need a roofing gun to install the shingles correctly as they need to be on securely or the risk falling off.

Securing Roofing ShinglesMost roofing guns usually comes with the guide which will help you make sure each line is straight. You will gain all the knowledge needed by reading  this guide, so please read it carefully. It is best practice to keep the rows straight as possible. The slightest variation won’t be noticeable from the ground, so don’t stress about it too much.

You need to remember that every single shingle brand will have its own nailing style. Always ask the advice of your builder’s merchant as you also need to consider the picture the roof and the wind conditions you’re working in which will affect how many nails you should be using, and whereabouts on the shingles they are used.

You may need to adjust the pressure settings on your nail gun a few times to make sure you are operating at its optimum. You will need to place an nail straight into the shingle while adjusting the settings to ensure that the shingle is stuck to the deck.

It is your first time laying shingles then I highly recommend that you take a look at videos on YouTube for laying shingles. Pictures paint a thousand words and a video seeing what you’re supposed to be doing makes life so much easier. When in doubt, call a professional roofer for your roofing needs.

Installing Flashing

In this part I will try and explain the best way to install flashing. Make sure your shingles are right up against the front wall. You simply need to cut off a couple of inches from the vertical dormer flashing. Simply run through a small amount of sealant on the corner edges of the flashing. Make sure you install the next row shingles over the first step of flashing and then cover that row with the step flashing. Again this is something you should watch a video for as it can be quite difficult to explain in words.