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Meet Donna Paige

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! You’ll find that I’m very passionate about the construction, home improvement, and home security field and talk about it a great deal.

In my opinion, there is nothing scarier than having one’s life at risk unnecessarily at work every day. After all, we spend a good portion of our lives at work – we should be able to feel secure knowing that comprehensive plans and provisions have been made in the event of an unexpected fire emergency.

It goes without saying that 9/11 is the prime example of the horrors of what can happen with we’re not prepared adequately for a workplace fire. Obviously, the root cause of this was terrorism, but many who died that day would still be alive had a better fire safety plan been in place. I’m committed to doing my part, however insignificant, to prevent such tragedies in the future.

On the personal front, I’m a single mom of two wonderful children and a huge hockey fan!