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Visitors to Ground Zero view the new timeline,
which was installed on the WTC viewing
wall on Church Street near the temporary
WTC PATH Station. Read more, including a
recent NY Times article.

We were privileged to work recently on a project that involved a positive collaboration between family members, rescue workers, residents of Lower Manhattan, and others. The results have been a display at Ground Zero that both accurately and powerfully depicts the events of September 11. 

Believe it or not, we're talking about our joint effort with the New York State Museum on the timeline panels which went up last week. The 4-foot-high, 36-foot-wide group of three panels are based on a similar timeline at the museum's exhibit near Albany and help orient the scores of visitors to the site. The project, spearheaded by FOS11 and the museum, also involved input from family groups, members of the NYPD, FDNY and the Port Authority, which paid for production. In a week filled with roller-coaster rides about what might or might not happen at the site, it was good to see a project finished and appreciated by so many.  

For more news about Ground Zero and other activities, see below.

Issues Update

Lower Manhattan Update
Recent news about the changes at the LMDC and the overall leadership of the rebuilding effort by Governor Pataki should produce a more coordinated effort among the various participants. Specific activities with the memorial include further discussion of how the names might be listed on the memorial and a preview of the water curtain that is a major feature of the memorial. On the names listing, there is continued discussion of various non-random approaches and whether it will be possible to group names based on requests by the families. The architect presented several concepts showing how either friends or family members could be grouped together. This concept was being considered along with the idea of grouping names based on company affiliation or by Rescue Company in the case of the rescue workers. It was decided that a registry be started where families could begin to request these various types of adjacencies and relationships.

Children of September 11 Newsletter
FOS11 members will be receiving in the mail the first-ever issue of the Children of September 11 Newsletter. The newsletter is another way we at FOS11 are trying to bring relevant and up-to-date information to our members pertaining to childhood issues. If you have a child, niece or nephew, a grandchild, or know a friend's child who has been affected by 9/11, please share this resource. If you are a child advocate (i.e., teacher, therapist, sitter, religious advisor, school nurse, etc.), we hope you find it informative. As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback. Read the Spring Issue.

Week of Hope: Remembering Oklahoma City
FOS11 member Elia ZedeƱo, a survivor of both the 1993 bombing and the 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center, writes about her recent experiences during Oklahoma City's "Week of Hope," which marked the 10th anniversary of the bombing at the Murrah Federal Building. Elia found the sense of purpose and compassion displayed by Oklahomans to be inspirational and believes that the National Memorial and the National Memorial Museum might help guide memorial efforts at Ground Zero. Read the article.

Sibling's Chat: Additional Session Available
Due to high enrollment for the upcoming sibling's chat, FOS11 has scheduled an additional chat session on Tuesday, May 24, from 6:45-7:45 PM EDT. If you haven't enrolled yet and lost a brother or sister on 9/11, please consider enrolling now. FOS11 invites you to join your peers to share your thoughts and feelings, discuss coping strategies, and support each other in an anonymous and uplifting environment. Dr. Donna Gaffney, a noted trauma specialist and licensed mental health professional, will moderate. Click here to enroll

Upcoming Events

Funday Sunday -- Sunday, May 22
Join the Comedy Cures Foundation for an unprecedented day of laughter, joy, fantasy, music, and fun. This exciting experience is an interactive event designed to entertain and educate kids of all ages about the power of laughter, play, fun, and a comic perspective. Call (201) 727-1770 to reserve your seats or visit for more information.

9/11 Memorial Dedication & Unveiling -- Wednesday, June 1
A special invitation is extended to the family members of the Wisconsin victims to participate in the WTC 9/11 Memorial Spring 2005 Dedication Ceremony at Veterans Parkway/Neville Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For additional information contact or visit

Parenting and the Media -- Wednesday, June 8
Professor Christine Floether will be speaking about how to handle your child's questions about sensitive current events at Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ. Click here for more information.

For more events, please visit our Event Calendar.


America's 9/11 Memorial Quilts 
This organization continues it commitment to preserve the memory, life, and legacy of all the victims of 9/11 for decades to come. Founded days after 9/11 by Jeannie Ammermann, the organization now includes more than 500 volunteers across America have joined in this thread-of-life memorial. The individual quilts represent the FDNY, EMS, NYPD, NY/NJ Port Authority Police, NY/NJ Port Authority Staff, NY State Court, Flight 93, The Pentagon, and the Victim's Quilt (nicknamed by families America's Quilt). Read a recent update titled Hearts Across America Remember, or visit for more information.

United in Memory
The United in Memory Memorial Quilt, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to keep alive the memories of the victims of September 11, 2001, through the United in Memory 9/11 Victims Memorial Quilt. This organization is committed to honoring the victims and comforting the world by making the quilt available for public viewing throughout the nation and around the world. Visit to view a gallery of quilts or for more information, including volunteer opportunities.

9/11 Survivors Sought for International Performance Piece
Andrea Molino, music director at Fabrica ( in Italy, is directing a new multimedia opera titled "Winners" that will be presented at the Brisbane Festival in Australia. Andrea and his staff are interviewing survivors of important tragedies around the world in order to explore and show how life can go on after such events. Andrea will be in NY during the week of June 6 to interview 9/11 survivors who are willing to be part of this project and share with him their stories. Participants will be asked questions such as where they come from, what was their life before and after the event. Everything will be very discrete and private, and the video will be used during the performance. For more information, please contact

Stories from the Ground
The Lower Manhattan Video Archive Project was created in 2002 by a group of residents of lower Manhattan who were living in the area surrounding Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. It continues to offer residents and workers the opportunity to document and share the diversity of experiences and perspectives on life downtown before and after 9/11. Visit for more information.

The United Kingdom 9/11 Scholarships Fund
Established jointly by the British Council and the World Trade Center Disaster Fund, this fund provides awards for study in higher or further education in the United Kingdom to children or dependents of victims of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. Scholarships are offered for full-time study leading to a degree (undergraduate or graduate), or the equivalent, at a recognized institution in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland). There are no restrictions on age, nationality, or on residence in countries. Applicants must have lost a parent or guardian as a result of the terrorist attacks, be able to demonstrate need, hardship, or distress, and be in good academic standing. Visit for more information.

SAMHSA Mental Health & Substance Abuse Brochures
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has two new brochures that address mental health and substance use issues facing crime victims. "Answers in the Aftermath" explains conditions that victims of violent crime often face, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse. "Supporting the Survivor" is a resource for loved ones of crime victims. This brochure addresses the mental health and substance use issues a crime victim may face and how a supporter can help a loved one. Copies of both brochures can be obtained, free of charge, from the National Mental Health Information Center (NMHIC) by calling 1-800-789-2647 or on the web at

Visit our website for more Support Resources.

Remember. Honor. Hope.
FOS11 offers a wrist band, in hope for a better future. Click here to learn more.

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