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FOS11 Executive Director Nikki Stern pictured
with 9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste at
the recent International Summit on Democracy,
Terrorism and Security in Madrid, Spain.

Many of our members are finding strength by involving themselves in projects that go beyond 9/11. Certainly, healing through advocacy has been shown to be highly effective. Although this month's newsletter highlights the activities of our Directors and staff, we welcome our members to share their stories about advocacy and involvement so that others may be inspired.

Read below for updates on the wonderful new school for girls in Afghanistan that Don Goodrich and his wife Sally are helping to finance and build. Note the important international conferences on victims of terrorism and on democracy and terrorism that Tom Rogér and Nikki Stern were able to attend in Bogotá and Madrid recently. Also of note, Families of September 11 (FOS11) received the 2005 Common Ground Award for International Understanding, along with Americans for Democracy, for its sponsorship of the "Hope Not Hate" town hall meetings last fall.

Finally, staff members Caitlin Zampella and Dan Fiedler represented FOS11 at the Robin Hood luncheon honoring a wide variety of groups, organizations, and agencies that have served families and communities affected by 9/11.

Issues Update

Afghanistan School Project
Three years after 9/11, FOS11 Board President Don Goodrich and his wife Sally began raising funds to build a girls' school in the province of Logar, Afghanistan. Their son, Peter M. Goodrich, was a passenger aboard the second plane that struck the World Trade Center. After Peter's childhood friend, Marine Maj. Rush Filson, wrote to Don and Sally about the conditions of a local school he was stationed near in Afghanistan, the two decided to raise money through their son's memorial for a school project. Those funds now total more than $150,000. Sally will travel to Afghanistan this spring, with Don joining her on a return trip on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to see the school's completion. Read a recent story from the Berkshire Eagle.

International Congress on Terrorism Victims
FOS11 Vice President Tom Rogér and his wife Punky were invited to participate at the Second International Congress on Terrorism Victims in Bogotá, Colombia on February 23rd and 24th, Tom as one of the guest speakers. The first Congress was convened last year in Madrid just prior to the March 11 bombing. More than 1,000 people attended the conference this year and the program included widespread representation from terrorism victims and government officials from around the world. The message concerning the worldwide problems of terrorism and its many innocent victims was a powerful one, making clear that the issues we've faced after the attacks of 9/11 are similar to those that have been confronting other nations for many years. View a copy of Tom's remarks entitled, Empowering Victims of Terrorism.

International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security
FOS11 Executive Director Nikki Stern, 9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste, and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright represented the United States recently at the three-day conference "Democracy, Terrorism and Security," coinciding with the first anniversary of the bombing in Madrid. More than 200 international experts in terrorism, religious and political leaders came together with some 57 current and former world heads of state to debate how terrorism could be fought effectively while protecting the civil rights and liberties of individual citizens. Nikki was a member of the working group on citizens and democracy, which looked at ways in which citizens' groups could further democratic principles and encourage dialogue as an alternative to terrorist activities. The work of the groups, coupled with the three-month dialogues held on web blogs prior to the conference, were synthesized into a statement and set of recommendations that will be presented to the United Nations. For further information, please click here:

Upcoming Events

Memorial Ceremony -- April 1, 2005
Wisconsin family members who would like to attend a memorial event sponsored by the WTC 9/11 PEN-T MEMORIALS are invited to contact Barb Jack. Her organization has set a goal to erect a ground zero displayed WTC 9/11 Memorial in each state. This April 1, 2005, the organization will be hosting a groundbreaking and on June 1, 2005, they will be having a dedication. The Wisconsin memorial will be built in Green Bay by the Neville Museum at the corner of Dousman Street and the Ray Nitschke Bridge. There will be a small service for the families to add a memento, sport shirt, toy, book, picture, or whatever it may be. If you would like to participate, please contact Barb directly at (920) 989-4333 or

RECOVERY: The World Trade Center Recovery Operation -- April 23-July 10, 2005
This traveling exhibition by the New York State Museum chronicles the search after September 11 by thousands of detectives, FBI agents, and forensic evidence specialists who worked around the clock to recover personal objects and material evidence from the collapse of the World Trade Center. This important national exhibit will make its only California appearance at the Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens in San Clemente near San Diego from April 23 to July 10, 2005. For further information and directions, please visit

To view more events, please visit our event calendar.


2005 Summer Camps
Summer may feel a long way off, but now is the time to start making plans. There are many free and subsidized opportunities for children and teenagers affected by the events of September 11. Look for an upcoming email announcement from FOS11 detailing some of these opportunities (both recreational and educational), or visit Scholarships & Camps on our website.

The Collaborative Disaster Project in Washington Heights
Based at the Hispanic Treatment Program of the New York State Psychiatric Institute, this program provides treatment to Hispanic persons who continue to be affected by the events of 9/11. Treatment, which is free of charge, can include a variety of psychotherapies and/or medication. All treatments are offered in English or Spanish by bilingual and bicultural mental health professionals and are open only to persons of Hispanic ancestry. To participate or for more information, please call Mr. Jose Hernandez at (212) 543-5367.

World Trade Center Healing Services
The WTC Healing Services/St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Centers offers free counseling and integrative stress management techniques (ear acupuncture, reflexology, massage therapy and reiki) to those affected by 9/11. They have offices in Manhattan and Staten Island. For more information, please Contact Fran Furman, CSW, by phone at (718) 818-5081.

North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center
The Bereavement & Trauma Center at the North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center in Nassau County, Long Island, provides an extensive and comprehensive range of mental health and preventive services for children, youth, and families regardless of income. With recent funding, they will be now be offering a personal safety training program for children from ages 6-18 years of age, women, and men who were impacted by 9/11 but either have not received services to date or have been underserved in the journey to wellness. Additionally, they will be creating and training a volunteer corps of 9/11 survivors to continue the outreach effort to other 9/11 survivors, to provide services and/or to facilitate accessing resources promoting wellness. For more information on these programs, visit or call the main office at (516) 626-1971. The Bereavement & Trauma Center can be reached by calling (516) 299-5373.

The Power of Angels
In the new book The Power of Angels: Reflections from a Ground Zero Chaplain, Episcopal deacon Herb Trimpe documents his experiences as a chaplain at the World Trade Center site, ministering to those he met at the site's temporary mortuary. Based on journal the author kept at the time, the book is an exploration of how working firsthand with survivors in the aftermath of a mind-numbing tragedy can shape an emerging faith. The author has offered to sign free copies for victims' family members and first responders; if you are interested, please contact Anne Pyburn at

Running From Fear
This inspiring album is written by Stephanie Erdel, who witnessed the 9/11 attacks on the WTC from two blocks away in Battery Park City. Stephanie lost her boyfriend Kevin Colbert in the collapse of World Trade Tower 2. As part of her healing process, she wrote, sang, and recorded the CD entitled Running From Fear, which is available at For every CD sold, she is donating a dollar to the Kevin Colbert Memorial Scholarship Fund, which presents an athletic scholarship to a deserving student every year. Visit the website or email for more information.

For more resources, visit the FOS11 website and Children of September 11.

Remember. Honor. Hope.
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