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December 2, 2003

Children's day IN, Parents day OFF!!

Is the holiday season stressing you out? Are you having difficulties finding time to shop for your family and friends? Are you juggling holiday activities with work, family and leaving little time for yourself? Does a few hours to complete your list of things to do or to just do something relaxing sound wonderful?

On Sunday, December 14, the VOCAL AFAR Program has planned an indoor event for children ages 5 and up (if you have younger children, please call Meghan Gehan, facilitator, at 978-927-4506).  There will be arts and crafts, fun games and indoor rock wall climbing led by Northstar Adventure of HES.

The event will be held at the Balch Center in Beverly, off route 128 North and the times are 11am-4pm. Pizza and snacks will be served.  While your children are having fun, it is an opportunity for you to have the afternoon to yourself – go shopping, see a movie, get a pedicure, have lunch, whatever your heart desires.  Located within 5 miles of the Balch Center are two malls (North Shore and Liberty Tree), two movie theaters, multiple restaurants, Toys R Us, bookstores, hairstylists, etc.  A list of opportunities and a map will be provided in case you are unfamiliar with the area.

Space is limited so please contact Meghan Gehan, LCSW as soon as possible—978-927-4506 or mgehan@hes-inc.org with any questions or to secure a space for your children so you can have the time for yourself. You are welcome to come at any time between 11:00AM and 4:00PM.   Then start making that list of what you will do with all that time to yourself.  

Please take advantage of this free family opportunity - Meghan looks forward to seeing you and your children on December 14th!