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November 6, 2003

Dear Family Members,
As we prepared for the commemoration of September 11th 2003, FOS11 solicited your input and asked you to share event details about memorial and remembrance activities in your communities.  The response was extremely positive and helpful to all members, as we received hundreds of event descriptions and were able to update our list everyday. 

At the present, Families of September 11, Inc. (FOS11) is in the process of compiling a national, comprehensive list of 9/11 family support groups to share with our 2000 members.  We would like your feedback in the process, as your input can help a neighboring family member to connect with therapy, resources, or support groups in their area that are useful and effective.

Please let us know what support groups, therapy, or resources in your area have been most beneficial.  We will post the complied list on the FOS11 website with the hope that it will be a useful tool to connect family members with active support networks.  If you would like to list your support group, please reply to http://www.info@familiesofseptember11.org or call us directly at (212) 575-1878.  Please let us know if you wish your listing to be intended for family member viewing only.
Thank you for your assistance and consideration.