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October 21, 2003

National Center for Victims of Crime: Poll for Families about extending the VCF Deadline
The deadline for filing with the VCF is December 22, 2003.  Two bills have been introduced to extend the deadline but there is no guarantee that the extension will occur.  If you are interested in participating in this poll, please visit http://www.ncvc.org for more information.

Application Deadline:  American Red Cross Family Gift Program
The deadline to apply for the American Red Cross Family Gift Program is December 31, 2003. After this date, applications for the Family Gift Program will no longer be accepted. Please contact your family support specialist for further information and/or assistance.  Those who are not assigned to a family support specialist should contact the Call Center at 1-877-746-4987 for further information. Please share this notice with applicable individuals and organizations. 

Update:  American Red Cross September 11 Recovery Program (SRP)
The American Red Cross September 11 Recovery Program (SRP) is continuing to help those most directly impacted by the events of September 11 with their long-term recovery. Through the SRP Case Management Grant Program, SRP has awarded a grant to New Jersey Family Advocate Management, Inc. (NJFAM). The one-year grant of nearly $1.4 million is committed to cover the cost of ongoing service coordination for 570 people in New Jersey who lost a family member or were injured on September 11.  

The SRP Case Management Grant Program was developed to continue supporting the long-term recovery of those most directly impacted by the disaster. Through this program, the Red Cross provides financial assistance to nonprofit service agencies to support ongoing case management services for clients who lost loved ones or were injured. Case management services include developing a comprehensive assessment of recovery-related needs, planning for the future and providing guidance throughout the recovery process. Service Coordinators connect clients with appropriate resources in their local communities, including a wide range of public and private programs. Through such referrals, eligible clients may access legal assistance, health programs, mental health services, financial planning, employment services, support groups, immigration assistance and other special services. SRP Family Support Specialists continue to provide case management services to approximately 3,000 Red Cross clients in 48 states and 57 countries. 

SRP provides a broad range of assistance and support to those most directly affected by the attacks including service coordination, access to mental health and health care, coverage of health insurance costs, direct financial assistance and group meetings offering support and  information about Red Cross and other community resources . In addition, SRP continues to assist affected downtown residents who suffered damage to or loss of their homes during the disaster. For information on services provided by SRP call (877) 746-4987 or visit http://www.redcross.org/september11/help.

Safe Horizon: Information Sessions for Displaced Workers and Unemployed Individuals
This information session provides participants with an overview of current resources available to displaced workers affected by the World Trade Center disaster.  Participants will have the opportunity to become certified for the September 11th Fund Ongoing Recovery Program.   Topics include employment assistance, health care assistance, mental health and counseling assistance, and financial planning services.  For more details or to register for a session, please call the September 11th Support Hotline at (866) 689-4357.