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October 7, 2009

Dear FOS11 Members,

We have received a request from a British research firm working with the British Broadcasting Corporation. The BBC is developing a program which will focus on children who were directly affected in some way by 9/11. The firm, Prospect Pictures, is trying to get in touch with families to let them know about the project and has asked us to distribute the request below to our membership. 


RE: BBC Project
     We have been asked by the BBC to try and catch up with some of the young people who were directly affected by the tragic events of 9/11, in order to investigate how what happened on that day has influenced the course of their lives, eight years on.
     As part of our research, we are looking to speak to anyone who was under the age of 18 at the time and who lost someone close to them, witnessed the attacks, or who has a family member who survived or was involved in the rescue operation in some way. This is an opportunity for young people to have their say on how 9/11 has changed their life, and to highlight not just what the emotional ramifications have been for them, but also the ways in which they have found the courage to move on with their lives as individuals.
     If you would like to speak to us, in complete confidence and without judgement or obligation, then please get in touch anytime by emailing me at jess.colmer@prospect-uk.com, or by calling me on 0044 7971 256588. If you would like to learn more about us as a company, please visit our website at www.prospect-uk.com.
     I really look forward to hearing from you.


With best wishes,


Jess Colmer

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