August 18, 2009

Dear FOS11 Members,

We have recieved a request from Claudia Kalb, a senior writer at who is working on a story about children who were around ten years of age at the time of 9/11. She would like to interview some of these adloescents. Her inquiry is pasted below. Anyone interested may contact her directly.


Hello, I'm  working on a 9/11 anniversary piece for and am following up on a voicemail I left this afternoon.

Our story is focusing on the generation of kids who were 10 at the time of the attacks and are now 18. Most of those featured will be children who were not directly affected by 9/11, but grew up under its shadow. We are talking to them about what they remember and about how 9/11 has affected their lives so far.

We would also like to include the perspective of an 18-year-old who lost a loved one. Would you be able to help us identify somebody? Ideally, we'd like to find a teen from a Pentagon family because we will be getting the kids together for a video interview in D.C. next week as part of the story.

Please let me know if you can help. You can email me or call me directly on my cell at 917-374-6835.

Many thanks in advance, Claudia Kalb.

Claudia Kalb
Senior Writer
1750 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006