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July 13, 2007

9/11 Families Seek Urgency On Security Bill

The recent chilling news of al Qaeda’s renewed strength and the warnings of  possible terrorist attacks means the utmost urgency must be applied to legislation implementing recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission in 2004.

Important matters such as Iraq and immigration have understandably absorbed Congress this year. Additionally, the slow and painful progress of this national security bill is attributable to the magnitude of its scope. But an underlying current of turf protection by competing Committees has prolonged the process far too long. Every day that this bill is delayed puts American lives at risk.

When this 9/11 Commission bill is finally enacted, our national security will be considerably strengthened. Every area of vulnerability that presently exists on land, on the sea and in the air is an open invitation for terrorists to exploit. As 9/11 family members, we once again remind the country of what is at stake and implore Congress to expedite the steps necessary to close those loopholes.

A conference is the forum where compromises between the House and Senate are hammered out. It is a cornerstone of our democratic legislative process. When that phase begins, we expect both wisdom and urgency from the conferees. The American people deserve nothing less.

We believe that this bill has wide, bipartisan support and we therefore call for its passage before another recess intervenes. Progress must not be delayed, not even for one more day. We have a message to Congress:  “The time to send this bill to the President is NOW!”

Carie Lemack
Daughter of Judy Larocque, 50
President, Families of September 11

Carol Ashley
Mother of Janice, 25
VOICES of September 11th

Rosemary Dillard
Widow of Eddie, 54
9/11 Pentagon Families

Beverly Eckert,
Widow of Sean Rooney, 50
Families of September 11

Mary Fetchet,
Mother of Brad, 24
Director, VOICES of September 11th

Abraham Scott,
Widower of Janice, 46
9/11 Pentagon Families