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June 28, 2007

Statement on Status of 9/11 Commission Recommendation Bill

The 9/11 families are grateful to Congressional Leadership for taking the difficult step of removing a controversial labor provision from pending security legislation intended to implement the remaining 9/11 Commission recommendations.  We recognize that this was a difficult decision for them, considering their partyʼs long-standing dedication to the principles involved.

Passage of this bill is long overdue, particularly in light of bipartisan support at the billʼs inception in both the House and Senate. The Democrats have taken an important step toward improving our national security by removing what the opposition identified as an impediment to the billʼs passage. 

Senate Republican leadership must, in turn, stop blocking the naming of conferees so that this critical legislation can forward. Similarly, the Administration should cease its threats to veto legislation regarding provisions that go to the heart of the 9/11 Commissionʼs recommendations. 

Everyone must work together. The safety and security of our country is at stake. 

Carie Lemack
Daughter of Judy Larocque, 50
President, Families of September 11

Carol Ashley
Mother of Janice, 25
Voices of September 11th 

Rosemary Dillard
Widow of Eddie, 54
9/11 Pentagon Families 

Beverly Eckert
Widow of Sean Rooney, 50
Families of September 11 

Mary Fetchet
Mother of Brad, 24
Director, Voices of September 11th 

Abraham Scott
Widower of Janice, 46
9/11 Pentagon Families