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April 12, 2007

Families of September 11, in partnership with The Good Grief Program of Boston Children's Medical Center, is excited to pilot the new Online Teen Chat project (OTC). OTC is a unique program that will offer a time and 'virtual place' for teens to come together -- in a safe environment.

Participants can share experiences related to 9/11 and terrorism, thoughts and ideas about their journey of healing, support for each other and the day to day transitions of their lives.  This new project is an outgrowth of the success and popularity of the Families of September 11 Chat Program, an online support group for adult family members, survivors, and anyone affected by 9/11 which began in 2004.

Before we 'kick off' this project in April and May, we would like to learn from teens how they could best use the OTC.  We plan to hold focus group session(s) with teens ages 16 - 19.  With their input, we will be able to create a program that will best meet their needs, and hopefully prove to be a valuable resource to them as they continue to grow from and grapple with the challenging issues around 9/11 and terrorism.

We invite any teen, 16 to 19 years old, to join our focus sessions.  Please tell teens in your family about this opportunity and let us know if they are interested by emailing info@familiesofseptember11.org.  Indicate if your teen can only participate online, or if they can attend an in-person session.  For the in-person focus groups, please let us know your geographic location and best time of day.  We will try to hold the sessions in a convenient location.  Dates to consider would be April 27th, April 30th and May 9th.  We will follow up with dates and location for possible focus sessions.

The FOS11 Chat program sessions are facilitated by FOS11 Advisory Board member, Dr. Donna Gaffney and administered by FOS11 staff, Rebecca Hansen (click here to learn more about them).  The environment is safe, secure and supportive.  To date we have had more than 200 participants from 18 states and welcome the opportunity to offer teens their own program.

Note to parents:  We are committed to making this a safe environment for teens.  This online environment requires enrollment, secure sign-in and permission forms will be required. 

If this message has been sent to you by a friend - FOS11 membership is free.  Visit our website to become a member and learn more about what we do.