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February 27, 2007

Dear FOS11 Member,

The staff of Families of September 11 is in the process of developing our spring Children of September 11 Newsletter. The theme we have chosen for this issue is, Talking With Children About War and Terrorism.  It occurs to us that many of our members may have interesting and helpful stories concerning personal experiences discussing the experience of 9/11, other terror attacks, or the recent events in Iraq and Afghanistan with their own children. We would like to invite you to share these experiences with us and will where appropriate include some of them in this edition of the newsletter. While we may not be able to incorporate all stories, we will try to include those which we feel may be appropriate and helpful to our readers. Please be aware that by submitting your comments, you are granting FOS11 permission to post your story in the newsletter and edit and/or shorten it as required.

Please reply to this email or send your submissions to info@familiesofseptember11.org.  FOS11 appreciates your feedback.