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February 26, 2007

FOS11 statement regarding homeland security grants

Families of September 11 stands in strong support of allocating all homeland security grants based on risk.  There are limited funds to protect our homeland - each and every dollar should be spent effectively on protecting the areas at most risk as a first priority.  None should be used for general revenue sharing or political purposes.

The 9/11 Commission recommends that homeland security assistance be based “strictly on an assessment of risks and vulnerabilities.”  They continue to say that “Congress should not use this money as a pork barrel.”  We stand in complete agreement. 

Reports of air-conditioned garbage trucks being purchased with homeland security funds are indicative of the frivolity that results from non risk-based allocation methods.  When the threat against our nation is so real, we cannot afford not to take it seriously. 

Congress has a duty to spend taxpayer dollars wisely to protect the homeland.  Sometimes the right choices are not easy – we understand that.  But the stakes are too high not to make them.  We ask Congress to do what is right and to legislate that all homeland security grants be allocated strictly on appropriately-assessed risk.