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January 30, 2007

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An update on the educational campaign of 'Turning the D into an A', the Collaborative Efforts of the Families of September 11 and the Nuclear Threat Initiative Project

Turning the D into an A:
A Project to Help Prevent Nuclear Terrorism

January 2007 Update

New Nuclear Smuggling Case Is A Wake Up Call

There was an alarming news report last week about a man who was caught smuggling stolen weapons-grade highly enriched uranium, material that could be used to make a nuclear bomb (Click to read the New York Times  or Associated Press stories).

This incident should be a wake-up call to all of us. The threat of nuclear terrorism is real.

  • There are nuclear weapons materials, highly enrichred uranium or plutonium, in over 40 countries. In too many cases these materials lack adequate security.
  • Terrorist groups are trying to get nuclear weapons. Osama bin Laden has said that acquiring them is a "religious duty" and an al Qaeda member has said they have the right to kill 4 million Americans, 2 million children.
  • A dangerous gap remains between the threat and actions to prevent it.
  • The most effective way to prevent nuclear terrorism is to lock down nuclear materials at the source.

Take Action. Just Five Minutes Can Make a Difference

Please take the time now to send a message to your elected officials. Ask them to get personally involved and make preventing nuclear terrorism their top priority. More than 500 letters have already been sent - please add yours. Click here to go to our action center and send your message.

A "Turning the D into an A" Progress Report

With your help, the Safer World Action Network is making a difference.

In just the last few months:

  • Thousands of people have shown their support for locking down nuclear weapons and materials by joining the Safer World Action Network and ordering their own copy of Last Best Chance;
  • Safer World Action Network members sent thousands of messages to television stations across the country asking them to air our public service ads and your efforts paid off. TV stations in more than 50 cities have shown the ads and have helped us raise awareness of and build support for preventing nuclear terrorism. (If you haven't seen them yet click here to watch the ads).
  • We've organized more than a dozen Last Best Chance screenings and discussions around the country and more are scheduled for coming months.
Please help us do more. Forward this email to five friends and ask them to visit www.saferworld.org and join the Safer World Action Network today.

Together we can make a safer world.

Report from the field:

We had another successful public event last week, this time at Georgetown University. More than 200 people turned out for a screening of the movie Last Best Chance, followed by a debate and question and answer period.

The program opened with an overview of the “Turning the D into an A” program and a reminder to the audience to sign in or visit www.saferworld.org

We showed the "Turning the D into an A" ads and the movie. After the movie, Dean Robert Gallucci and Professor Dan Byman debated the issue before opening the program up to questions from the audience.

Get Involved. Want to host a screening in your hometown? Send an email to contact@nti.org and we can help you get started.