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August 15, 2006

New Laws Remove Statutory Obstacles Preventing Ill Workers From Obtaining Workers’ Compensation Benefits and
Offers Accidental Death Benefits to Families of Uniformed Service Personnel Who Died From 9/11 Related Illnesses Comprehensive Plan Expedites Access to Health Care

Governor George E. Pataki today signed three important pieces of legislation into law. The first new law enables many workers who became ill after the expiration of the statutory two-year workers’ compensation filing deadline to resubmit their claim for further consideration. The legislation was developed as the result of negotiations by the Workers’ Compensation Board, the State Insurance Fund, the AFL-CIO and the Legislature. The second new law permits application for accidental death benefits to families of police officers, firefighters, and other uniformed personnel who participated in the rescue, recovery and clean-up operations at the World Trade Center site. The third new law eliminates the statute of limitations to allow rescue and recovery workers who retired from public service to later have their retirement status reclassified as accidental disability if illnesses related to their work on the rescue, recovery and clean-up operations service on 9/11 later surface.

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