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May 12, 2006

Oliver Stone’s movie World Trade Center is scheduled to be released on August 9th. Trailers for the movie will begin in the next few weeks and are scheduled to be shown before the movie Da Vinci Code (though each movie theater has the final say). Print and television ads will come later in the summer. FOS11 has been in contact with the film production team and as we learn more details about the movie, potential private screenings, and its advertising plan, we will be sure to update our members.

You may want to be aware if the trailer is going to be shown before a film you are planning to attend. If you anticipate that you do not want to see the trailer, don’t be afraid to ask theater staff if it will be shown. Feel free to ask to speak to the movie theater manager to find out what trailers are being shown before the movie you are about to see - this may take some time, so plan appropriately. Likewise, the decision to view the movie may be difficult for family members. We encourage you to talk with loved ones before viewing the movie and to consider ways to help prepare yourself for the types of reactions you may experience. Some resources that might be helpful are:

  • Stephanie T. Norris, a FOS11 Advisory Board Member offers a two-page article about reactions and impacts of images and symbols of September 11, 2001. She provides information on types of reactions that may occur, and strategies for working with youth. Click here and scroll down.
  • The New York University Child Study Center developed an article titled ‘Preparing for Movies about 9/11: A Parent’s Guide’. Click here.

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