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December 8, 2005

Community Fair
Lutheran Family Health Center
Brooklyn, NY

Although it has been four years since 9/11, there continue to be issues that impact people throughout New York City. In an effort to address some of the longer-term effects of 9/11 and identify unmet needs, there will be a Community Fair for individuals and families affected by 9/11 on Sunday, December 11th from 1-4 PM at:

Family Health Center’s Family Support Center
6025 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Individuals and families who were impacted by 9/11 are invited to meet the staff and learn about the 9/11 related services.  The fair will also offer a mini job fair with local employers, health screenings for high blood pressure, diabetes, and dental care, as well as engaging activities for children and their parents.

The staff at the Family Support Center includes counselors and mental health professionals who are bilingual in a variety of languages, including Spanish, Arabic and Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin).  9/11 services available include:  

  • Outreach and Community Education on such topics as stress reduction, trauma grief and loss, knowing your rights in the legal system, job readiness and employment resources.
  • Supportive Counseling to assist with concrete benefit needs, advocacy; and linkage to other services.
  • Vocational Counseling for those who had lost their job or who are underemployed; and
  • Mental Health Services for children and families still experiencing the impact of this community trauma.

To attend the Community Fair, please contact:
Suzann Jacquez-Sanchez, LMSW
Director of Family Support Services
718-630-7000 x4093

To learn more about Lutheran Family Health Center, visit their website at www.lmcmc.com.