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November 4, 2005

FOS11 has joined with the Defense Research Institute (DRI) in support of bills pending in congress to extend the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act to December 31, 2007 and establish a working group or commission where all the stakeholders can debate the role that insurance can and should play in deterring terrorist attacks and paying for their consequences.  As Ron Robinson of DRI has put it:

“Terrorism seeks to destroy life and property, to erode one's sense of  security and to govern by fear, not free choice.  Insurance seeks to protect life and property, to preserve one's sense of security and to provide choice free from fear.  Thus, insurance can play a unique and essential role in the war against terrorism simply by accepting a transfer of the risk terrorists present to us all.”

The committees in the House and Senate considering the extension will be acting in the coming days and your support for the extension is important.  Please take the time to visit the Defense Research Institute’s website and complete the petition you will find there and, better yet, fax a letter using the information provided.  For more information about the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act and the letters Don Goodrich, FOS11 Board Chairman, has sent to the Senate and House of Representatives go to the FOS11 website.  Feel free to extract from Don Goodrich's letters any language with which you agree.


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