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July 26, 2005

FOS11 Statement Regarding Homeland Security Funding

Last week, the Senate passed legislation that provides federal homeland security funding to states based on formulas, instead of basing allocations solely on an analysis of risk. Contrary to what experts and the 9/11 Commission recommend, the Senate has decided that formulas and pork barrel politics are more important than threat-based allocation of homeland security dollars.

When reviewing the Collins-Lieberman bill that passed last week, it is clear that the new legislation allocates more money, not less, to be based on formulas, sent to states without regard to the threat they face. This is a reckless use of taxpayers' money and does little to make our country safer. We cannot afford to pay for more air conditioned garbage trucks, as past homeland security dollars have been spent when local authorities had no other use for the money.

Families of September 11 is very disappointed with the Senate's actions and hopes that the issue is resolved quickly in conference with the House. We applaud the President for his leadership on this issue, as well as the former 9/11 Commissioners, who have been outspoken advocates for responsible use of homeland security funds. We also thank Senator Feinstein for her attempt to pass an amendment that would have lowered the amount of funds given to states via a formula, therefore increasing that which is based on risk. We pledge to monitor the proceedings in the upcoming conference committee, and hope our nation's leaders will heed the call for responsible homeland security funding to make our nation more secure.