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May 2, 2005

Dear FOS11 Member,

The following statement was put together by members of several family groups and expresses a range of concerns over the development plans for the World Trade Center memorial. Please note that the comments include parts of the site over which the LMDC does not have any control and the issues involved may be those of the City or of the private developer, Larry Silverstein. That is why you might want to customize the comments below as you see fit.

You may have read recently that issues of security have led Mr. Silverstein to suggest that public money be used to make the Freedom Tower safer. We are concerned that this further reduces the chance that public money will be used for what the public wants -- a respectful memorial. The quality of the design of the memorial must not be affected by the fate or future of the other buildings on or around the site. In other words, the memorial comes first.

Commenting is important, especially as this may be your last opportunity to make your voices heard. Please read the following statement (which includes contact information for the LMDC) and make your feelings known BEFORE MAY 6th.

Read the Statement:

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"At Ground Zero, Disarray Reigns, and an Opportunity Awaits"
New York Times, May 2, 2005