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October 4, 2004

Part I:  Come to Washington, D.C.

Families of September 11 and the Family Steering Committee urgently need family members, friends and supporters to join us in Washington DC, beginning Tuesday, October 5th (by noon) through Friday, October 8th.  Come any one day, or stay longer if possible. We need you in Washington to help deliver the message that we support certain legislation enacting the 9/11 Commission's recommendations in the House and Senate.

There will be a press conference on Tuesday and a vigil on Wednesday evening. (Bring flashlights.)  During the time in between, people can visit Congressional offices and drop off a letter we will provide.

If you are able to join us, please contact Carol Ashley at (516) 578-4444; Beverly Eckert at (203) 461-5458 or Mary Fetchet at (203) 321-5563 so we can coordinate when and where to meet.

If you are unable to join us in Washington, please contact your Representative in both their District and Washington, D.C. offices to let them know that you want legislation that is true to the 9/11 Commission's core recommendations.  And ask for their support.  *Before you contact your Representative, please read the background information below on the Shays-Maloney bill and what is happening in the House.  To find your Representative go to http://www.house.gov 

Part II:  Background Information on the Shays-Maloney bill (HR 5150) and the House Rules Committee

The House bill, HR 10, is flawed because it does not provide for a strong National  Intelligence Director and it contains controversial, divisive provisions which should be removed and debated separately.

The bipartisan 9/11 Caucus has proposed an alternative to the House bill, HR 10: the Shays-Maloney bill (HR 5150).  NOTE: This bill mirrors the language of Senate bills (S. 2845 and S. 2774), also known as the Collins-Lieberman and McCain-Lieberman bills. The President and the 9/11 Commission have endorsed S. 2845.

The problem is that the House of Representatives may not be given the opportunity to vote on the Shays-Maloney bill (HR 5150).   The House Rules Committee will decide this coming week whether or not to allow HR 5150 to come to the floor for a vote.

Part III:  Call Your Elected Officials

Please call the elected officials below with the message that you want the Shays-Maloney bill (HR 5150) to be allowed to come to a floor vote. (Talking points below.)

1)  The White House - (202) 456-1111

  • Strong presidential leadership is needed to get this reform legislation enacted.
  • Request that the President strongly urge Speaker Hastert and the Rules Committee to allow a floor vote on Shays-Maloney (HR 5150)

2)  House Leaders

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert — (202) 225-2976
House Republican Leader Tom DeLay — (202) 225-5951
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi — (202) 225-4965

3)   Members of the House Rules Committee 
      (If you cannot call all, please pick 4 at random.)

Rep. David Dreier — (202) 225-2305  (Chairman)

Rep. Martin Frost —  (202) 225-3605 (Ranking Minority member)

Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart — (202) 225-4211

Rep. Deborah Pryce — (202) 225-2015

Rep. John Linder — (202) 225-4272

Rep. Doc Hastings — (202) 225-5816

Rep. Alcee L. Hastings — (202) 225-1313

Rep. James P. McGovern — (202) 225-6101

Rep. Sue Wilkins Myrick — (202) 225-1976

Rep. Pete Sessions — (202) 225-2231

Rep. Louise McIntosh Slaughter — (202) 225-3615

Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds — (202) 225-5265

Rep. Adam H. Putnam — (202) 225-1252


Talking points:

  • The House should be given the opportunity to vote on the HR 5150. Not only is this bill endorsed by the 9/11 Commission, it also mirrors a Senate bill which is endorsed by both the Commission and the President.
  • Passage of the Shays-Maloney bill in the House would increase the likelihood that reform legislation will pass before Congress adjourns.
  • If the 108th Congress does not pass legislation for the President to sign before it adjourns, Congress will have failed in its obligation to do all that it can to protect us.
  • If the House is not given the opportunity to vote on Shays-Maloney, and the current flawed HR 10 is passed, there may be serious differences between the House bill and Senate bill.
  • Serious differences between the two bills could prevent the House and Senate from agreeing on a unified bill for the President to sign.
  • Without a unified bill, there will be no reform legislation, and we will be nearly as vulnerable as we were on September 11th.

Please help in this effort to make our nation safer.  Thank you.