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January 16, 2004

Dear Member:


Thank you for your contribution to our family list of mental health outlets and support groups available in your area.  Based on member feedback from our last request for your assistance, we were able to add more information.  As you scroll down, you will see the new information and member inquiries written in red.


Please review the list and let us know of any additional resources you know in those areas.  Email us directly at http://www.info@familiesofseptember11.org.  Thank you for your help!

FOS11 Family Members are still looking for additional support groups in:
San Francisco Bay Area

In response to the San Francisco family member, we received the following email from a FOS11 member:  In addition to the dozen’s of “Healing Your Life After the Loss of a Loved One” workshops and trainings (given at the WTC Family Recovery and Bereavement Center), and support groups we started in the NY area, our Families Helping Families Program has been facilitating free, monthly “9/11 Support Groups” for many families in California.  We also have CD Rom tools (focused on Healing) for family members as well.  Please visit http://jennadruck.org or call Ken Druck at 619-294-8000 for more information.

For family members in Delaware, please consider the following email response from a FOS11 member: There are five of us that meet at each others’ houses about once a month.  We would welcome any other September 11th widows that would like to join us.  We are located in Montgomery County, MD.  One member of our group lives in Virginia.  To learn more, let FOS11 know you are interested in joining this group. Email FOS11 at http://www.info@familiesofseptember11.org and write “Maryland Support Group” in the subject line.  We will connect you to this group.



I am interested in joining a chat group with others who have lost a sibling on 9/11, especially those who feel left out due to our geographical distance.  I live in Atlanta.  My sister and her family were passengers on AA77.  (FOS11 is presently organizing a chat program that will enable siblings and other groupings of family members to participate in a facilitated chat online with others.  Please look for this program in the upcoming months.)

For family members in Florida, please consider the following email response from a FOS11 member: There are 3 family members in the immediate area of Fort Lauderdale.  We know there are others.  A few months back there were about 8-13 family members from the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.  Maybe we could organize families as far north as Jacksonville/Orlando to as far south as Miami to meet once a month or every 3 weeks in a central location, like West Palm Beach.  To learn more, let FOS11 know you are interested in joining this group.  Email FOS11 at http://www.info@familiesofseptember11.org and write “Florida Support Group” in the subject line.  We will connect you to this group. 

Several mothers met in May of this year at the Red Cross in Fort Lauderdale.  We all had issues with how the meeting was handled by the Red Cross and their lack of response to our needs.  The social worker that was there was good, though the psychiatrist said he was "learning from us."  We need to have another meeting - without the Red Cross - I really hope it will happen. 

Boca Raton

Port St. Lucie
There are no groups near me in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  I have contacted and have been in email contact with a volunteer from ACCESS which has been helpful.  Otherwise, assistance is no where to be found.  Please help.

I would love to find a support group in Jacksonville, FL.  If you could request information from other members (in Florida or with a connection to Florida) as well I would appreciate it.

Kansas City

I am interested in support groups in the Kansas City area.  I am not aware of any for 9/11 families.  Thanks.

If you have any recommendations for 9/11 support groups in these areas of the country, please email us at http://www.info@familiesofseptember11.org as soon as possible.  We hope to continue connecting families with resources, and your help is imperative to this effort.  Send us more input - we will continue expanding this list and share it with all of you.  Let us keep reaching out to other families - especially at this time of year. 

With regard to the families in other geographic areas looking for support, I have encountered a similar feeling of being “out of touch” due to the fact that I live in Montana.  While my state is not close to the families listed, I would like to offer a suggestion that perhaps a family might be willing to share their contact information with someone in a similar situation (living far away).  I know that I would welcome contact with similar family in another faraway location.  We truly understand what that feels like to be “out of the loop,” so to speak. 

If you would like to connect with other family members, please email us and let us know.  FOS11 is developing a chat group program that will connect you and your families with others in a similar situation.  For example, if you are a sibling in Florida seeking communication with other siblings in the southern US, we will organize a chat discussion among all interested participants.  Let us know if you would like to join an online discussion.  Email us at http://info@familiesofseptember11.org and write “Chat Group” in the subject line.  We will follow up with you.



I live in Omaha and have organized a support group in my area with the help of the National Red Cross (the local Red Cross was not very helpful).  My contact person is Jennifer Raiten, and she can be reached at 646-773-8340 or by email at raitenj@usa.redcross.org.


I regularly recieve your news and support group updates.  I witnessed at close range the attack on the Pentagon.  Though I am processing well in my healing, I still have nightmares, grief issues and trouble finding people to talk to who understand what I'm going through.  Is there a support group in the Virginia area for survivors like myself?  I have attended both "Walk to Remember" events, which has been a big help in my healing, but connecting once a year with others like myself has not been enough.

New Jersey

A group of families meets regularly near Paterson, NJ.  While the group is not sponsored by a non-profit organization, you may be eligible for insurance reimbursement out of network for its modest cost.  The facilitator's credentials are extensive, both from work prior to 9/11 and since, and include work with families of civilian victims and injured, emergency personnel, and their families.  Call 973-778-8485 for more information about these services.

Since October 2001 we have had a support group here in central NJ.  Our group currently meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, at the West Windsor Plainsboro South HS from 7:30-9:30PM.  We do not meet when school is not in session, during holidays.  We welcome anyone affected by 9/11.

New York
Long Island

I lost my sister on 9/11.  I would like to speak with others that live on Long Island that may be looking to speak with someone. (Please review the resources listed for Long Island below in this email.)

My parents are involved counseling through the South Nassau Community Hospital support group.  There is a center that is available 7 days a week for people (on Sunrise Highway).  Children are invited as well as parents.  My parents attend counseling there 3 days a week and they are very happy going there.  Unfortunately the funding is running out and the site may not be available to them for much longer.  I was attending counseling through FECS.  I was very happy there.  I attended many support groups then went on to individual counseling held in their West Babylon office. 


There are currently openings in a weekly 9/11 parent support group which meets in Fort Tilden National Gateway Park, Breezy Point, Rockaways.  It has been in existence for the past two years.  These are parents who lost adult children on 9/11.  Please contact Greg MacColl, CSW, at 718-805-1660 for more information.


I lost my brother and his son aboard UA 175.  Do you know of any support groups or services around Syracuse?


I have written before - I am looking for a support group or anything in my area of New York - Buffalo - I lost my brother on 9/11, he was a fireman and my family and I have been dealing with this alone.  I think my daughter, who was very close to her uncle, and I, need additional support.  I do not know of anything here - even something with the fire department would work.  We need to talk.  The time is right.  Thank you.  (Another family member wroteMy extended family lives in Buffalo.  They have a support group that meets monthly in Buffalo.  My sister can help you with this, her name is Leigh.  You can reach her by contacting FOS11 at 212-575-1878.  They will connect you to her group.  There are people from Jamestown who come to this group as well.)


Chicago has a wonderful organization - Willowhouse.  In Wisconsin, however, there are very few people to talk with.  We share in the isolation from the important events and meetings that are happening in New York.  I am interested in FOS11 chats, and connecting with others, like the Montana family.  Thank you.

There is an email group at http://www.griefnet.org for anyone who has experienced loss.  “I have been a member of a group for over a year now and it has been wonderful.  I belong to an e-mail group for parents who have lost adult children.  There are groups for spouses, siblings, friends, etc.  I send and receive e-mail every day from parents who have lost their adult children.  I am the only 9/11 mom in the group right now, but I highly recommend it for anyone who has lost a loved one.  There is nothing like sharing feelings safely with people who know how it is.

Bill Doyle - Resource Contact - (718) 948-2538

I am a 9/11 widow and mother of three.  I have written a book called What Children Need When They Grieve: The Four Essentials: Routine, Love, Honesty and Security.  The book will be released in April 2004. In addition to my book, I have created a website at http://www.juliawilcoxathkey.com.  The website not only explains a little bit about the book, but also has links to some great mental health resources and online grief websites that have online support groups.  One grief website is designed specifically for children by children.  I would encourage people looking for support to take a look at the resources listed as they may be of some assistance. 
For Connecticut Resources, please visit http://www.infoline.org and look at their September 11th Resources page for support groups.

For California resources please call Anita Ahuja at (916) 445-8452.  There will be a statewide support group for 9/11 family members, victims and survivors on Saturday, December 6th in Los Angeles.  Therapists from the UCSF Trauma Recovery Center will facilitate the event.  For more information please call Anita Ahuja at (916) 445-8452.  

“The only support group available in the San Francisco Bay Area is the one you already have and that is through the Victim's Compensation Board (Anita Ahuja is the contact person).  Other than that, there are no formal groups, nor have there ever been, for the families out here except for the one listed above run by the State of California.  Those monthly support group meetings will be ending at the end of the year, with a couple of follow ups scheduled for next year.  The families in California are virtually invisible; if you speak about 9/11, people turn away; they don't want to hear it anymore.  That's just the way it is; too far removed from it, except of course, for those who were personally affected by it; we're still here!! “

For Massachusetts resources, please visit http://www.massfund.org.

”We have a Michigan Families of 9/11 Support Group that meets monthly at Ward Presbyterian Church located at 40000 Six Mile Road, Northville, Michigan.  Our group is facilitated by Cathy Clough of New Hope Center for Grief Support, also of Northville, Michigan.  We have been meeting since June 2002, and it has been a tremendous help in learning to deal with the loss of our loved ones.  Also, it has been very comforting meeting other 9/11 families.  I have found the meetings to be very beneficial on the path to healing.”  Cathy Clough can be reached by phone at 248-348-0115 or by email at http://www.griefhelp2003@yahoo.com.

Lutheran Hospital - Healthy Connections
6025 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11220
Please contact Sarah Russ at (718) 630-7186

Long Island
South Nassau Communities Hospital
Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY
Call the crisis center at 516-678-2700 to find out more info.  Adult and children groups are available.

World Trade Center Family Recovery and Bereavement Center
Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY

South Nassau Communities Hospital Group
Oceanside, Long Island, NY

Bereavement Groups
North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center
480 Old Westbury Road
Roslyn Heights, NY  11577
(516) 626-1971
“My bereavement group which was and still is at the heart of my recovery is North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center… Kathy Morse and Michelle Spitalnic were most instrumental in leading us to recovery. In addition, the Red Cross, in Manhattan, was helpful in obtaining financial help. “

Staten Island
Support Group for Widows and Widowers
Dr. Deborah Derman
Dr. Kim McLaughlin
Castleton Hill Moravian Church
Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, NY
(215) 643-7206
Kim is a family psychologist on Staten Island and Deborah is a grief counselor from Philadelphia, PA.

Westchester Bereavement Center (Bronxville)
Treehouse (monthly meetings with spouses and children)
Patty Donovan Duff (Director)
(914) 961-2818 x317

Child Bereavement
Weill Medical College (NY Weill Cornell Medical Center)
Dr. Cynthia Pfeiffer MD  
(914) 997-5849
Individual therapy sessions are available for children.
“After 9/11/01 I have been meeting with my bereavement group in Westchester and have found it very helpful for me and my two little girls.”

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Full Circle Health
2105 Williamsbridge Road
Bronx, NY 10461
(718) 518-7600

Parent's Bereavement Group
Spouse Loss
6 Week Bereavement Group
Monthly Support Group
Spanish Bereavement Group
Children’s Bereavement Group
Teen Age Bereavement Group
Dr. Derek Suite and/or Mrs. Darcel Suite
Calvary Hospital
1740 Eastchester Road
Bronx, NY 10461
(718) 518-2125
“These are two wonderful support networks which I personally have used.”

Dr. Jacob Kind
90 Booth Avenue
Englewood, NJ 07631-1907
(201) 568-1207. 
“Dr. Kind employs a therapeutic tool called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  This method helped me to overcome the trauma of the event as well as open the doors to peace of mind in the form of tolerance, patience and acceptance.”


I just want you to know that here in PA there is a wonderful organization sponsored by NOVA called PA September 11th Organization.  They offer support to families who lost loved ones, survivors, and first responders.  Their website is http://www.pasept11.org.  I hope this can help.

There is a group that meets specifically for 9/11 families at a church with space for spouses and children to meet in separate rooms at the same time.  The group is sponsored by the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board. 

Please contact the coordinator of the program, Annmarie Bezold at 703-866-2119.   They meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from 6:00-7:30pm.  The location is the Messiah Methodist Church in Springfield on Rolling Road just north of Old Keene Mill on the right side, across from the post office.
“The support group I attend has been the absolute best thing for me in my healing.  It is a group that meets specifically for 9/11 families at a church with space for spouses and children to meet in separate rooms at the same time.… I highly recommend this group!! All are welcome!!”

“I was tremendously helped by an organization called the Hospices of Northern Virginia....I honestly don't know if I would have made it without them.  I also attended a group for siblings of 9/11 victims that was very helpful, organized by the Jewish Social Services Agency in Rockville, Maryland.”

I've received your email regarding support groups in various localities.  Please could you include details of our support group in London, England.  We are meeting monthly and the group is facilitated by a group therapist.  Further more information about the support group please email Jelena Watkins at http://www.jelena@mistral.co.uk.